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If you have used a financial adviser in the past you may find that they will now charge a fee to review your investments. As an alternative, our free investment report service will provide you with analysis and guidance based on the information you have supplied but it does not provide advice tailored to your personal circumstances. It is provided free of charge and without obligation to do business with us.

About Bestinvest

Established in 1986, Bestinvest is an award-winning investment adviser and wealth manager. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and a member of the London Stock Exchange. We have a reputation for rigorous, impartial investment research and value for money services. More than 50,000 people trust Bestinvest to help them manage their wealth.

What people say...

Best value SIPP in the market, backed up by access to research and Bestinvest support when needed. 

Ms McNaughton

Bestinvest is a good option for fund investors with plenty in their ISA, those who have a SIPP to add to the pot too, or those whose family are also willing to sign up. Its strong suit is its research available to investors’. 

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